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José Paulo Vallone


"We founded JPO in 1978, producing content for television, documentaries and commercials. Today we are the company that has produced the most drama for television (soap operas and miniseries), in Brazil and abroad. Superstation, the first independent cable channel in Brazil, was created and produced by us for 10 years, broadcast by TVA and NET . After several programs, novels and miniseries which became hits on Record channel, I was offered the Art and Programming direction for that channel, a time in which Record experienced exceptional growth in audience. Another rewarding experience was the implementation of the core international production of Globo Channel. As director of this core, I made the first Spanish-spoken soap opera for the U.S. market, sold to many Latin countries. Despite having been in the market for 35 years, JPO and I feel younger than ever."


Geórgia Vallone

Executive Director

"Since I started my studies in Radio and TV, I have always seen the Production area as something fascinating. And it was precisely as a producer that I felt fulfilled, having the opportunity to participate in numerous rewarding jobs since the beginning of my career, 20 years ago. During this time, I’ve always worked as Production Director, managing the implementation of various programs, shows, news, drama and sporting events for various free and cable television stations. And each of them was crucial to reinforce the conviction that professional production is the art of making great ideas possible."

Production Company

JPO is a content producer that has been in the market for 35 years, specializing in television playwriting, producing soap operas, series and sitcoms for Brazilian (Band, Record and SBT) and international (NBC, Telemundo) television stations, with great audience success.
But it was not only through modern and efficient television writing that this Production Company has positioned itself in the market. Its experience includes the production of documentaries, news programs and DVDs in addition to coverage of concerts and sporting events.
None of this would have been possible without the enthusiasm and experience of the team that was gathered to face these challenges. They are some of the most important Brazilian TV professionals, committed to finding solutions that ensure products that meet customer needs, with daring and consistent creativity and cost standards.


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  • Telephone: +55 (11) 3063.0990
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